Saturday, May 7, 2011

Binary Instrumentation for Hackers

I've been planning to write something about the "Binary Instrumentation for Hackers" presentation I gave at the Israeli Defcon user group (DC9723) on 26 April right after the presentation but I kinda got sidetracked (which I will try to avoid from now on). At first I waited for the video to be online but right now I don't know if and when it will be online and later I got too busy with some work . Anyways, my slides are available HERE and if the video will be uploaded it will be HERE (the slides are English but the presentation was given in Hebrew). I'd like to thank DC9723 organizers for having me, I hope to come back again someday.

Also, the slides from my lightning talk at Hackito Ergo Sum 2011 are up with the other conference slides HERE.

I have (today) sent submissions of workshops and talks on the subject of binary instrumentation to BlackHat USA & Defcon 19 (check out the Defcon site, it just opened), hopefully I'll get a chance to talk about some awesome stuff with the great people in attending these cons.

Oh, and if anyone happens to be in Amsterdam next week (15-21) for HITB, I'm there on business. I won't attend HITB but would love to meet anybody that actually reads my blog for a beer in the evening.
While we're at it, If you are in HITB don't miss Itzik's & Zuk's presentations - I know they have some kwel stuff planned. I also recommend going to see whatever Travis Goodspeed & Claudio Crisocone present - I haven't talked with them about the details of their presentations but they usually do great stuff. 
(yeah, in case it was unclear I'm disappointed to be in  Amsterdam at the same time HITB happens and not attend HITB).

-- Gal