Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rebirth / Getting ready to HITB Amsterdam 2012

Hi all,
After a long period of not posting I'm finally back. A lot has happened in this period but most importantly I got married to my gorgeous wife Sonia. Due to the marriage preparations and some changes at work I didn't spare much time for personal research and publications. I currently have about five incomplete research projects. I am not going to make promises that I might not keep but I definitely plan to resume writing here and publishing new research in conferences.

I'll be giving a special edition of my instrumentation workshop in HITB Amsterdam on 24/May (known as a lab session in HITB speak). After learning a lot from the previous times I presented about instrumentation and improving my material I seriously believe that this will be the best edition ever. My only regret was that I had to cut down a lot of material due to the two hour presentation time. Normally people have trouble creating enough material for a two hour presentation so I guess I should count myself lucky. I've got a lot of goodness I want to put in and not enough time to talk about everything and show the demos.
Even so there is some awesome stuff included: automated vulnerability detection & prevention, fuzzing acceleration techniques, program visualization (good for anomaly detection and similarity detection), covert debugging (practically a built-in feature in PIN) and an introduction automated exploitation.

If you're interested in automated exploitation look forward to my next conference talk, possibly in (if I'm ready by then). 

If you're attending HITB Amsterdam 2012 I hope you'll come listen. If not you're welcome to say "hi" (or share a beer) anytime - I'll be happy to meet anyone that reads what I write here.

Gal Diskin