Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BlackHat USA & Defcon 19

It's been a while since I last wrote something here. I've been busy with work and working on conference stuff. I've been accepted to give a workshop on DBI in BlackHat and Defcon (my workshop is not listed yet on Defcon website) in August.

This means a lot of work making the workshop and preparing to talk. Couple it with being busy at work and having to go on reserve duty in the IDF for two weeks starting next week and you will understand why I barely have time to write something. Anyways I've decided to post some thoughts and incomplete works here soon so it doesn't get boring so stay tuned.

Since I'm giving a workshop on DBI I'm now looking for all works published to review the existing art known in the market and probably reference. If you have anything you did, read or know of that uses DBI for security - using PIN or any other DBI engine - please share those with me here or on Twitter  you are also welcome to send me an email (if you can't figure out an address, you probably shouldn't reach me by email).

-- Gal

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