Friday, June 1, 2012

HITB Amsterdam 2012 Materials

Hi All!
HITB Amsterdam was an awesome conference. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to all the organizers - you did an awesome job! Also thanks to everyone that attended my presentation you were a great audience, albeit sometimes quiet (shocked?!). :-)

Following HITB I wanted to make sure all of you know where to get the materials if you need those. The presentation is here, the source code for the pintool examples can be found here. If you are looking for more explanations of each of the code samples see this post.

Recently I've had a lot of discussions with people that attended the presentation in Amsterdam and with others regarding check-pointing techniques. Mostly for the sake of using check-pointing to perform high speed fuzzing but for various other usages as well. Since this seems like a topic that interests many people I've decided to write a blog post to detail some of the practical considerations implementing such systems. Look forward to this post soon.
If you'd like to request a post on a specific topic feel free to let me know what it is, though I make no promises...


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