Saturday, April 2, 2011

Instrumentation, Hackito Ergo Sum and this week in the news

Well, it's been a week so I guess it's time to post something.

I haven't had a lot of time this week to do stuff I can write about in this blog because I was really busy @ work. In and of itself that is cool becuase being busy at work usually means I'm doing some cool hacking but unfortunately I can't talk about my work here.

Binary Instrumentation for Hackers
In the limited free time I had I have been working on a presentation called "Binary instrumentation for hackers", I hope to present it at DC9723 April meeting, anybody coming? This presentation will probably become the base to a workshop proposal I plan on submitting to BlackHat USA 2011.
I also plan to post some material on binary instrumentation here so stay tuned. If you use instrumentation for hacking / security purposes please leave a comment - I'm really interested to know what others do.

Hackito Ergo Sum 2011
I'm going to attend HES 2011 (Apr 7-9). If you are going there let me know and I'll buy you a beer. This is a limited time offer to celebrate the start of this blog and I can afford about 10 beers so FCFS.
If you are not there, stay tuned: the schedule (PDF) looks awesome and I will try to post write-ups about the talks right here.

News stuff:
Well, I can talk about the RSA APT and whether or not it is an APT or about LizaMoon or the new SCADA attacks from GLEG (and also Tenable and VUPEN) and even about the funny false alarm about Samsung installing keyloggers on their laptops but I don't have the patience so follow the links if you didn't already hear about all this stuff.
I also saw an interesting post about CRAP in Assaf Nativ's Blog (home automation and fw/hw hacking). 

-- Gal

p.s - feel free to comment with your opinions, requests, ideas how to improve this blog or just whatever

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